As a young girl, (many years ago!) my Nana and Godmother taught me the art of knitting. Crocheting was left to a shopkeeper round the corner! I sat on her wooden step, for many an hour, fighting with the hook and yarn, until finally I could produce basic stitches! Sewing skills were in the hands of our next door neighbour, who taught me, every week as a school girl, how to pin, cut and put it altogether. Thanks to all these lovely people, I now have such joy in creating all the things I do.

I crochet many different items, from new baby gift sets, blankets and booties, to bags and brooches.
I use thick durable jersey knit yarn to make bags and storage baskets.
I crochet lots of novelty and gift ideas such as mug huggers, cupcakes and pizza slices! Crazy but fun!
I use many different fabric types to create clothes, bags and novelty items.

I'm new to Makerhood

Based in West Norwood